How to Know When Gambling Behavior Becomes a Problem

How to Know When Gambling Behavior Becomes a Problem

Online casinos must serve its purpose, and that is to provide fun and entertainment to players through games accessible on the website. There is nothing wrong here unless a person displays individual atypical behavior due to their problematic gambling behavior. How can you know when someone’s gambling behavior is inappropriate? Let us use the DSM-5 to characterize it. It is the reason why most people call it pathological gambling or gambling addiction. But what qualifies a person to be such.


Gambling Behavior


If you gamble more than what you can spend and you are becoming more deviant on authorities when they try to limit your expenses, it is one of the signs that your behavior can be problematic. Gamblers on the right track will set limits on their costs but not those with inappropriate gambling behavior. They will keep spending more and deviate from what ordinary people do.



Another thing to watch out is when the person is becoming dysfunctional in everyday living. Problematic gamblers skip work to go to casinos and play all day. There is a disruption in their routines. Younger ones miss out on their school so they could go and play. They cannot work, study, and even deal with the people around them. They are gradually becoming detached to the current situation because their preoccupation with playing is more significant than facing reality.


Distress – Gambling Behavior

A person with problematic gambling behavior feels distressed about it. It means that the compulsion keeps setting in, and they are having distress about how they can satisfy the urges to keep playing. It may appear like they are moody, irritable, and defensive. But most of the time, it is only because of the distress that piled up.



Last but not least, what you need to watch out is if the person is now becoming a danger to himself or other people. Studies show that gambling has the highest suicide rates among all addictions, which is accurate up to this moment. Those with problematic gambling behavior can no longer find ways to escape their debts, and their burdens end up killing themselves or hurting other people to satisfy their desire. Some with problematic gambling behavior ended up robbing other people to get funds for their gambling. When a person is in this part already, seeking professional help is a must.

This four D’s that characterize problematic gambling behavior is just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, other underlying issues can contribute to the act and help the person prevent from having such. He must understand the gravity of its possible effect on him, so his motivation decreases too. If a person got two or more on the given domains, seeking professional’s help would be the best thing to do because this is something that can no longer be talking about on a friend to a friend or a mother to a child level. The person needs a professional to help him recover from such problematic thoughts and actions to continue with life.

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