How to Prevent Pathological Gambling in Youth

Among all the addictions, gambling addiction has the highest suicide rate to note. It means that if you experience this, you have heightened susceptibility to commit things that are not the best means to fix the addiction. However, those who suffer from this addiction face tremendous stress from paying the damages and stopping their compulsive thoughts. Gambling is only for those on legal age, but some adolescents engage in it earlier than most can expect. That is why it is a must that we know how to prevent pathological gambling in youth.


Beware of the signs – Pathological Gambling

When you engage in pathological gambling, nothing else would matter to you but satisfy the desire to gamble. Most adolescents experiencing this will show signs that you need to pay attention to spot which ones to guide. You can see those missing classes or their work to gamble. Their interest in other activities aside from gambling decreases as time passes by. There is a change in personalities such as increased aggressiveness, secrecy, and hidden activities. They will exhibit a strong desire for things that you can pawn and with significant monetary value because they need resources to support their gambling.

There is also an increase in interest regarding gambling and other related activities, which they tend to verbalize most times because the preoccupation of the thought is vital. You can also spot them having possessions that they do not own before, which suggests that they earned from gambling. On the other side of the coin, there might be stolen valuables in the household if they no longer have resources to fund the activity.


Seek Professional Help

How to Know When Gambling Behavior Becomes a ProblemFinding a professional to help is easier said than done. It is because you may find a competent professional to help the person, but if he is not willing to get help, you won’t be able to help at all. The person must first understand the gravity of his pathological gambling and how it affected him so you can help him process why he needs to get treatment. Most pathological gamblers will not see an issue with their actions, not unless you confront them with factual information about how it significantly affected them and the people around them.

Once the person can process the magnitude of its effects to him, seeking a competitive rehabilitation center is a must. Recovery programs are not sure to win situations, and relapse is possible. That is why finding a competent center for rehabilitation programs is something you should consider. The person will experience withdrawal-like alcoholics experience such because the brain map of pathological gamblers are somewhat similar to the alcoholics—minus the alcohol.

It may be hard for you to prevent youth from engaging in gambling activities, but you can always help them by referring them to a trusted person who can attend to their concerns. Understanding the signs is only the first step, and the list goes on, but only the person who wants to get better will attain positive results.

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